Belong deeper into the world.

Belonging isn’t a destination. It’s a cycle of discovering more of who you are, and bringing that into generous relationship with the world. This short guide gives you poetry and practices for each season of the journey.

Here’s how to get the most out of your guide:

  • Take it slow. Seasons work on their own timeline. You can’t rush through life’s seasons any more than you can force summer to turn into fall. It’s okay to take the time it takes :)
  • Let each season find its place in you. Even if you’re in a summer right now, chances are you’ve known fall, and winter, and spring. As you read these poems and invitations, notice where they resonate with your experience.
  • Sink into the season you find yourself in. Even the most uncomfortable season has something precious for you. Use the prompts in this guide to help you fully engage the season you’re in right now.
  • Ask questions. I made this guide because it’s something I’m deeply curious about. I’d love to hear what it stirs for you. Just reply to one of my emails or send me a message here.

The seasons of this cycle can be beautiful. They can also be brutal.

If you’d like some accompaniment in your process of belonging, I’ve spent the last couple years coaching folks through their own seasons and cycles.

Together we get clear on what’s most important to you in this season, and what direction your longing is tugging you. So you know which steps to take towards deeper wholeness and belonging.

You can see all the details here: