The Autumn Circle – Letting go and making space for the mystery…

“Ripeness is
what falls away with ease…”

from ‘Ripeness’ by Jane Hirshfield

Join me for a free, 90-minute group practice to step into the invitation of fall.

🗓 Sunday, 24th September
🕰 10–11:30am Pacific Time
🧑‍💻 On Zoom

We’ll look at the poetry and disciplines of harvest, shedding old identities, and inviting mystery into our lives.

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We’ll meet the Sunday after the autumnal equinox to welcome in the season—with all its beauty, its liminality, and its fierce honesty about what needs to happen.

You’re invited to…

The Autumn Circle

The Autumn Circle is a space of deep listening.

Over the course of 90 minutes you’ll be…

  • 📜 Led through poems and stories to open up the invitations of autumn.
  • 🧘 Guided in practices to attune with your body, your emotions, and the parts of yourself you’ve been longing to hear from.
  • 🤲 Offered compassionate prompts to speak* what’s true for you in this season.

*Speaking up in the group is totally voluntary. No one will be singled out. Your silent participation is welcome.

From this warm ground of togetherness, you’ll step back out into the world with a clearer sense of what is core for you in this season, and what is ready to be shed.

Meet your circle guide…

James A. Pearson

Hey, I’m James 👋

I write and coach around trusting the seasonality of life as your path into wholeness.

For the past five years I helped lead a Council group here in Tacoma, Washington.

Council is a group contemplative practice of listening from the heart, and speaking what longs to be said. That’s where I honed many of the elements we’ll use in this circle.

Join the circle and step into mystery together.

Your next season of wholeness and fulfillment always begins as mystery.

The practice of autumn is to make space for that mystery by letting go of whatever’s run its course. I’ve heard it called “individual work that you can’t do alone.”

Join this compassionate group practice on Sunday, September 24th to embrace all that autumn is offering you.

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This circle already happened! If you want to hear about future circles and events, just drop your email here:

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