James’s 2-Minute Book Survey

When I sheepishly shared my first poem to Instagram five years ago, I had no idea my work would find its way into hearts and lives all over the globe.

Over the past few years I’ve heard about my poems being used in weddings. In mourning deaths and divorces. In surviving depression. In savoring new seasons of freedom.

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to (or tired of) getting messages like these:

  • “This gave me the language for exactly what I’m feeling right now.”
  • “I needed those words in a way I didn’t know until I read them.”
  • “It’s like you went into my soul and plucked it out.”

There’s something about poetry that can touch the places in us where the intensely personal meets the universal. Where even though the details of my story are completely different from the people sending me these messages, somehow we’re able to look at each other and say, “Your story is my story.”

That’s what I hope this book will do.

I hope it connects you to those deep parts of yourself where, somehow, we’re all connected.

But I need your help to make it the best it can be. I’d be really grateful if you answer these 5 questions to help shape this book into something you truly love: