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Just a half-hour on Zoom to get grounded and clear about whatever’s most important to you in this season.

I’ll listen. Ask questions. Reflect back what I’m hearing…

And I’ll invite you to connect with the parts of yourself that need your attention. Because that’s where our hidden aliveness is waiting.

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Hey, I’m James 👋

I’m a certified professional coach who helps you find the clarity and aliveness you want by connecting with the lost and wounded parts of yourself.

My coaching isn’t about telling you what you should do, or what I would do in your shoes…

Instead it’s a process of compassionate self-reconnection. Together we tap into your own wholeness and wisdom to make the decisions only you can make.

Your Coffee Session is a quick deep-dive into this work, so you can walk away feeling clarity about your next steps, and the confidence to take them.

Here’s how some of my clients have described it…


“The most necessary, easeful, and extraordinary coaching session. We cracked open what I need to emerge this new body of work.

“I’ve experienced very few people in this world who can listen deeply to what’s underneath the words. To be heard in this way is a gift.”

“I feel eternally grateful for some of the insights you helped me find – in particular how entrenched behavioral patterns were ‘protecting’ me from taking the very kinds of risks I’ve been searching for all along.”

Chris J.

“I pulled out a page of notes that I had taken last year during one of our sessions. Now it really feels like I’m living all the things that we talked about. It’s amazing how intentionality can set a trajectory! Our conversations were so helpful. Thank you.”


“My coaching with James took place during a time of uncertainty and exploration of options for career path, as well as seeking greater creativity in my life. It was an incredible gift.

–Dr. Dana Hercbergs, author of Overlooking the Border: Narratives of Divided Jerusalem

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If you don’t see a time that works for you, just let me know and we’ll figure something out :)

*One Coffee Session per person.

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