I’m publishing a book 🥲

Right now I’m pulling together all my favorite poems I’ve written into my first book. So far it’s got a lot of the poems I’ve shared over the years—and a few no one’s seen before.

If you want to know when it’s ready, drop your email below and I’ll keep you posted as it launches :)

When I sheepishly shared my first poem on Instagram about five years ago, it was an act of faith.

Not faith that it would lead to anything. Or even that people would like it. It was faith that poetry is part of who I am in the world. And that sharing it was a step on my path towards deeper belonging.

So I posted it for the few hundred friends and acquaintances who followed me.

I had no idea that within a few years my work would find its way into hearts and lives all over the globe. I’ve heard stories about my poems being used in weddings. In mourning deaths and divorces. In surviving depression. In savoring new seasons of freedom.

These stories are such a gift to me. But sometimes they also come with a question that’s another kind of gift: “When can I get a book of your poetry?”

It’s such a big compliment. But I’ve never had a good answer for them.

Until now.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my first book of poetry. It pulls together a lot of what I’ve written over the past few years, including a few poems no one’s seen before and some of my favorite lines I’ve ever written.

I’ve spent countless hours editing poems, playing with ordering and arrangement, and tweaking every detail in hopes to make this a book that will live on your nightstand or coffee table for years to come.

If you’re reading this, you’re part of what’s made this whole thing possible for me.

So thank you :)

I hope I can make a book you love.

If you want to know when it’s launching, drop your email here and I’ll tell you when it’s ready to go :)