Get Smarter: Love Pills, the Case for Equality, and Fargo’s Karma

Please mind the income gap
In rich countries (like America) growing the economy doesn’t work to improve people’s lives, or so says Richard Wilkinson, emeritus professor and researcher. What does seem to work is shrinking the gap between the rich and the rest (watch below). How do we do that? David Korten has some ideas.

Take two of the red ones and call me when death do you part
Whatever else love is, it’s definitely a bunch of chemical reactions in the brain. Which means we’ll probably be able to make drugs to manipulate it. But should we? How about to save a failing marriage? Or to bond a mother with her child? Ross Andersen leads us into the debate.

The rich fields of frozen North Dakota
Let’s hand it to them, the North Dakotans have earned this one. What with the bleak winters and, well, that’s really all I knew about North Dakota, until I learned that one of the world’s largest oil fields has been found there. And people are making millions.

Michael Chabon on Wes Anderson (if you know those two names, you know how great that sentence is), and The Lone Bellow in an old church.

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