Join me in the Wilderness Launch Club!

Help me get my new poetry book out to the people who will love it 🫶

I’m releasing my first book of poems very soon.

If you’ve been following along you know how much this book means to me. It’s more than five years (!!!) worth of writing, rooted in some of the most pivotal moments of my life.

A book cover with the title The Wilderness That Bears Your Name over a background photo of a snowy mountain trail in the fall.

It’s been such a joyful process to pull it all together 🥲

But for a book like this, the biggest factor in making it a success is the community of people who help launch it out into the world. The people who buy the book, write launch-day reviews, share it on social media, help me get on podcasts, etc.

If you’re willing to be one of those people for me, join me in the Wilderness Launch Club!

As a WLC member you get:

  • A free advance copy of the book in PDF format
  • An invitation to at least one intimate, members-only event
  • And a few other perks I’m working on 🤫

But mostly this is you showing me a lot of love and generosity by supporting my work. And I’m deeply grateful.

Sign up below to join me in the club and help me give this book its wings!

Sign ups are now closed. Thanks for your interest! Get all the details about the book here:

PS… If you don’t have capacity for this right now, or if sharing stuff like this publicly just isn’t you—that’s totally fine!

I’m still super grateful for all the ways you support me 🙏

But if this feels like a joyful and aligned way for you to help me with something I deeply value, then I’ll see you inside :)