Stella Safari, Ember Hero

Every so often my company, Ember Arts, chooses someone we call an Ember Hero, a woman who is so wholeheartedly pursuing a great dream that it’s impossible not to be inspired. Today, we’re announcing Stella Safari as our next Ember Hero. In her honor, we’re donating 50% of our online sales for one month to Action Kivu, a group that funds the work of visionary community leader Amani Matabaro in Congo. Check out the excerpt below, read the whole story on the Ember Blog, and shop our Online Store here.

Stella with Amani in Mumosho
Stella with Amani Matabaro and the women of the Mumosho Peace Market.

This July I took my first trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country that has not seen sustained peace for more than a century. I was lucky to travel with an amazing young woman by the name of Stella Safari, who was taking a different sort of first trip. This was her first time to Congo in 12 years, since fleeing war at the age of eight.

As she returned 12 years later, now a student at Dartmouth and a leader among her peers, she brought with her a mission: to inspire Congo’s youth to invest in their country, so that future generations can enjoy peace and prosperity in Congo.

Read the rest of the story here. And visit our Online Store.

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