Steve Jobs and Me

This morning I woke up to the news that Steve Jobs had died. And I was sad. I am sad.

Why? Why do I feel any connection at all to the founder of the world’s most valuable technology company, a man I have never even seen in person?

I think the closest I can come is to say that Steve Jobs made the world more magical. He made my world more magical.

There are many delightful things in the world – a mountain trail, an ocean sunset, a stirring book – but few people are able to bring new delightful things into the world. And fewer still can do so consistently. Those that can seem magical, as if they could build a mountain range or paint the sunset.

No one, it seems, had even considered the idea that computers had the capacity to delight. But Steve saw it. And he battled the unwieldy technology and subdued it and made it beautiful. He made it delightful.

Over and over again he offered us new delightful things. Not just the iPhone, but every iPhone. And every MacBook, and every iPod, and every iteration of OS X. Each one was a delight, each a small revolution in how microchips could make people smile.

He inspired wonder and anticipation at what he might be finishing in his secret workshops. And when finally he did unveil his creations, one by one, year after year, rarely did he fail to delight.

WIth his passing, the world has lost a magician. And my world has lost a little bit of magic.

Discussion: Who is someone that consistently delights you? Who you follow in anticipation of their next delight? It could be a musician, writer, business executive, family member, spiritual leader, etc. I would love to hear your thoughts. Share as many as you can think of.

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