The Story You Can’t Google

Too often I find myself checking my email and refreshing facebook and scanning Google News and clicking between the various blogs and sites I frequent, and I’m not quite sure what I’m looking for.

But I know I’m looking for something.

Lately I’ve come to believe that the something I’m looking for is a story. I’m searching for the story that will give my days meaning, and therein give me the sort of fullness and contentment that we all desire most deeply.

And for some reason, I’m looking for it on the Internet. And everywhere else, really.

But I know now that I won’t find it. Not in my inbox or news feed or Google Reader. Not in a book or an album or a film. Not even in the words of a friend or family member. Because that story, of my own purpose and fulfillment, can only be written by me. My hours are the alphabet, my decisions the pen.

If you’re like me you have never received a sticky note from on high with directions to your destiny. But you do have direction. Somewhere in you there is an arrow, a deep arrow of the heart, and though you might not know exactly what it’s pointing at, you know when you’re moving in the right direction.

The story of your purpose and fulfillment is written as you follow that arrow. The more of your mind and heart and energy you invest in the direction of that arrow, the grander and clearer and more inspiring your story will be.

So go for it. Shut down, log out, turn off. Go write some stories.


  1. Wise words bro, as always.

    We spend so much time looking for something to pop up on our screen that will somehow quench that thirst for true “life” that we all yearn for.

    I agree, most of us DO know the trajectory that fulfills us, but we are so often incapacitated by the fear of rejection, responsibility, accountability, failure or otherwise. Relinquishing that fear is what liberates us to be who we were created to be.

    You my friend, are living a beautiful story. And you are an inspiration.


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