To Take Flight Every Day!

All progress towards a better world begins with internal work, spiritual work, even if you’re like me and not so sure you believe in spirits.

“To take flight every day! At least for a moment, which may be brief, as long as it is intense. A “spiritual exercise” every day—either alone, or in the company of someone who also wishes to better himself. Spiritual exercises. Step out of duration… Try to get rid of your passions, vanities, and the itch for talk about your own name, which sometimes burns you like a chronic disease. Avoid backbiting. Get rid of pity and hatred. Love all free human beings. Become eternal by transcending yourself.

“This work on yourself is necessary; this ambition justified. Lots of people let themselves be wholly absorbed by militant politics and the preparation for social revolution. Rare, much more rare, are they who, in order to prepare for the revolution, are willing to make themselves worthy of it.”

– Georges Friedmann

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