This is the season
for disappearing. 
Slip away 
to where no one knows 
to find you. 
Meet yourself 
right where you’ve always hungered 
to be met.

Now’s the time to cheat
on all the names 
you’ve taught the world to call you, 
to be unfaithful 
to who you thought you wanted
to become.

Plan a hundred secret rendezvous
with the delicious stranger 
you’re discovering 
yourself to be.

Don’t tell a soul what you’re doing 
or where it is you go at all hours.
Be clandestine. 
Protect the source.

Discover your natural path to full belonging…

The cover of the Four Seasons of Belonging guide. Over collage art showing a silhouetted man looking out over a mult-season landscape are the words: The Four Seasons of Belonging, A natural cycle for bringing more and more of you wholeness into the world.

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