What I’m Trying to Say

I’m not saying it’s been easy,
this life. Harder, in fact,
than you ever expected.
What I’m saying is that
every one of your mornings
has been met by the sun rising.
Every time you made a dollar
it was met by an apple,
whose firm white flesh—
a partnership of tree and rain,
of sunlight and farmer and soil—
is no different than a miracle.
What I’m trying to say is
the world has worked wonders
to make sure there’s been ground
beneath every one of your steps.
You were never alone.
Even now you can lean back
into the strong arms of this moment
and let yourself be held
by what’s always held you.
Every day there’s a reason
to bathe your life in gratitude.

I recently published a new book that features this poem plus many others to accompany you through every season of life.

It’s called The Wilderness That Bears Your Name.

You can see all the details here: