Where’s Your Toy Store?

If you walk into a toy store you probably see a bunch of cheap plastic wrapped in more plastic and stuck with outrageous price tags. But take a child into a toy store and he sees story and magic and boundless possibility.

The toys don’t offer the child something different than they offer you. They’re still just plastic in plastic. It’s what the child offers the toys. He brings story and magic and possibility with him into the store, because he brings them everywhere. Toys are just great hangers for what kids intrinsically have.

What do you and I intrinsically have and bring with us everywhere? On good days its joy and love and optimism and opportunity. On bad days, criticism and fear and doubt. Kids have fear and doubt, too, but not when they’re in a toy store.

Where’s your toy store, the place where everything reflects the best in you? If you know where it is, why not spend more time there? If you don’t know, what better use of your days than to find it?

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