Wintering Circle – Nourish the seeds of your aliveness.

Only there will you find
the tiny seed
that holds the whole mystery of you
and cradle it
in the warmth of your body
until the spring.


Join me for a free, 90-minute group practice to step into the invitation of winter…

🗓 Sunday, 28th January
🕰 10–11:30am Pacific Time
🧑‍💻 On Zoom

We’ll look at the poetry and practice of welcoming back the parts of ourselves we lost touch with in previous seasons. Because that’s where our hidden aliveness is waiting.

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The earth shows us that even in darkest, most barren winter, the seeds of your new life are already inside you.

Discovering and nurturing those seeds is priceless work. The kind I’ve heard referred to as “solo work that you can’t do alone.”

Join me for a group contemplative practice where you’ll have the space and the gentle invitations to connect with the parts of yourself that hold those seeds.

You’re invited to…

The Wintering Circle

Poet David Whyte describes poetry as “the art of overhearing yourself say things you didn’t know you knew.”

But it’s not just poetry.

Finding ways to “overhear” the parts of yourself that don’t get a lot of space in daily life is one of the keys to self-connection.

The Wintering Circle is a space of deep listening.

Over the course of 90 minutes you’ll be…

  • Guided through practices to attune with your body, your emotions, and the parts of yourself you’ve been longing to hear from.
  • Offered prompts to speak what’s true for you in this season.
  • Witness to others in the circle as they do the same.

From this warm ground of togetherness, you’ll step back out into the world with a clearer connection to what’s longing to grow in your life.

Meet your circle guide…

James A. Pearson

I’m James 👋

I’m a poet, writer, and certified professional coach. And for the past five years I’ve helped lead a Council circle here in Tacoma, Washington.

That’s where I honed many of the practices we’ll use in this circle.

A lot of my work centers around the the dynamic of “belonging into the world” — how to bring more of your wholeness into life-giving relationship with the wider community of life.

I’d love for you to join me in this Wintering Circle to connect with more of your own wholeness.

Join the circle and step into the practice of wintering together.

The connection and aliveness you’re longing for isn’t in some distant future. It’s waiting in the parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with.

Join this compassionate group practice on Sunday, January 28th to reconnect with those forgotten parts, and to embrace all that winter is offering you.

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This circle already happened! If you want to hear about future circles and events, just drop your email here:

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