The Wintering Sessions

“Only there will you find
the tiny seed
that holds the whole mystery of you
and cradle it
in the warmth of your body
until the spring.”

It’s time to reconnect with the parts of yourself that make you come alive.

Life’s winters are hard, but they’re also an invitation. They invite you to tap into the parts of yourself you’ve lost touch with—parts that hold the seeds of a new spring.

The Wintering Sessions give you compassionate coaching for that tender work of reconnection. Using the proven process of Internal Family Systems, you’ll tap into the gifts you need to step into a new, wholehearted season of life.

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There are seasons when life stops working.

When all your momentum sputters to a stop. When the road that looked so clear ahead of you dissolves into uncertainty.

These winters of life can be really lonely. Like there’s no way to even pick a direction to go, much less find the juice to go there. But when you look closely, these seasons all have one thing in common:

The person you’ve become to make it this far can’t take you any farther.

Somehow you need to tap into something new. The only problem is there doesn’t seem to be anything around to tap into…

But that’s exactly the fierce invitation winter’s giving you.

By removing all the other sources we’d usually lean on, winter gives you no choice but to look inside yourself and see what might be waiting to be discovered.

And what I’ve found to be true is what these lines from my poem “This Is Not The End” try to capture:

“…there is more in you
longing to break open,
to pour out,
to mingle
with the soil of life.”

We all have parts of ourselves that didn’t fit in previous seasons.

Parts weren’t acceptable to the people you relied on. Parts that got ridiculed or shamed. Parts you had to backburner so you could hustle to build yourself a safety net.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It was a perfectly good and natural way to protect yourself and get your needs met.

But when we cut ourself off from those vulnerabilities, we also lose access to their strengths.

And here’s the magic of it:

The gifts waiting in these lost and wounded parts of yourself are exactly the ones you need to step into a new springtime of life.

The invitation of winter is to reconnect with those parts. To welcome them back into the whole of you. And to nurture their gifts as they bloom into a new, wholehearted season of life.

That might all sound a little ambiguous. It did to me, too, until I encountered Internal Family Systems.

IFS is a process developed by psychologist Richard Schwartz to discover the parts of yourself that were “exiled” earlier in life, and rebuild a compassionate connection with them.

As you do that, you unlock your dormant creativity, courage, and confidence to make a new path forward.

The Wintering Sessions are coaching sessions rooted in Internal Family Systems. I guide you step-by-step through the whole process of finding and reconnecting with the parts of you that need your attention. And together we chart your practical steps towards spring.

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Get skillful, compassionate guidance for the tender work of self-reconnection.

Hey, I’m James 👋

I’m a certified professional coach who is doubly trained in Internal Family Systems and parts work—once during my coaching program, and again in an IFS-specific course I took after graduating.

I’ve walked dozens of clients through a process I call compassionate self-reconnection to unlock their dormant strengths and qualities.

I’ve seen clients…

  • Rediscover their creativity
  • Feel a surge of long-forgotten confidence
  • And have courageous conversations they’d been putting off for months or even years

Then together we plan action steps that embody these qualities, so you can open up a new chapter that includes more of what you love and long for.

Here’s how a few of my clients describe it…


“The most necessary, easeful, and extraordinary coaching session. We cracked open what I need to emerge this new body of work.

“I’ve experienced very few people in this world who can listen deeply to what’s underneath the words. To be heard in this way is a gift.”

“I feel eternally grateful for some of the insights you helped me find – in particular how entrenched behavioral patterns were ‘protecting’ me from taking the very kinds of risks I’ve been searching for all along.”

Chris J.

“I pulled out a page of notes that I had taken last year during one of our sessions. Now it really feels like I’m living all the things that we talked about. It’s amazing how intentionality can set a trajectory! Our conversations were so helpful. Thank you.”


“My coaching with James took place during a time of uncertainty and exploration of options for career path, as well as seeking greater creativity in my life. It was an incredible gift.

–Dr. Dana Hercbergs, author of Overlooking the Border: Narratives of Divided Jerusalem

Book your Wintering Sessions and sow the seeds of a new spring in your life.

This is the kind of work that’s easy to put off for years—or even decades. And let’s be honest: most of us have.

But like Anaïs Nin said, there comes a time when the risk of staying closed is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom. If that time has come in your life, these sessions are here to support you:



Make compassionate contact with the the parts of yourself you’ve been missing.

  • 60-Minute Deep Dive Session
  • Compassionate 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Personalized Action Steps




Build a deep connection with the parts of you that carry the seeds of your aliveness.

  • 4 One-Hour Sessions You Can Use as Needed*
  • Personalized Action Plan with Each Session
  • Email Support Between Sessions


*You have up to 3 months from the time of purchase to use your sessions



Cultivate a new Spring in your life by investing in the parts of you that are longing to grow.

  • 2 One-Hour Sessions Per Month*
  • Personalized Action Plan With Each Session
  • Email Support Between Sessions


*No commitment. Cancel any time.

The Wintering Sessions will be open for registration through February 13th, or until my practice fills up.

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Get in touch right here or just reply to any of my emails. I promise I won’t try to convince you. I only want you to do this if and when it’s a great fit for you. I’m happy to help you figure that out.