This Spring

How can I love this springwhen it’s pulling methrough my life fasterthan any time before it?When five separate doomsare promised this decadeand here I am, just tryingto watch a bumblebee clingto its first purple flower.I cannot save this world.But look how it’s trying,once again, to save me.

November Evening

And then there’sthe yellow trees dripping with after-storm light. And then the busy people’s faces, each with its effortless beauty. And then the steely, spacious twilight glow in the west, and to the east the tall poplar shining dimly against dark gray distant clouds. And then I’m walking in a world once again enchanted, once… Continue reading November Evening

Nobody Knew

I wrote this little poem last year as spring announced itself in the Northwest. One of the joys of poetry is looking back and seeing how your intuition captured something that you wouldn’t have been able to articulate directly. One thing this poem captured is the dance between two parts of life. There’s the self-protective… Continue reading Nobody Knew

It’s in Everything

It’s in everything, this dancingof something that’s more than just life.Look at the trees near the shore,how they shimmy and wave over the bright face of the Salish Sea. Meanwhile the waters rush in—mad for the moon—and swirl aroundthe outstretched hand of the point,kissing the forehead of the beachbefore they rush back out again. I… Continue reading It’s in Everything